Our Services

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At Ching Law Firm, we understand that every case we take on affects the lives of our clients.  With that understanding, we have built a strong and  successful practice that allows our client to see justice and result throughout case planning and development.
We provide exceptional legal representation.  We take great pride in our innovative, passionate and ethical approach to the practice of law. 




  • Over 30 years of experience in practicing law.
  • We provide efficient professional services to our clients
  • We maintain confidentiality in all cases.
  • We respond to our clients’ inquiry in a timely Fashion.
  • We  are perseverant and determined to help our clients, achieving their goals, even at the time when it seems hopeless.
  • We have hardworking, courteous and wonderful staff, ready to help you.
  • We offer our services in Spanish and Chinese.

Law Firm Policy

All the information will remain confidential when the client pays for the initial consultation fee.
Please call us to review your case : (504) 525-8810