We bring an attention to encourage people to call those states governors to veto or stop proposed anti-LGBT legislation

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    The governor of the US state of Arizona should veto a bill that would allow business services to be refused to same-sex couples and permit a “religious belief” defense in discrimination suits brought by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. If this law is passed, this would be the  first in the United States that would permit businesses to refuse services to LGBT people based on a person’s “sincerely held religious belief,” Human Rights Watch said. The proposed Arizona law is similar to measures seeking to permit discrimination against LGBT people on religious grounds that have recently been introduced in several other US states, including Kansas, Idaho, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. However, Arizona’s state legislature is the only one to have approved such a measure. “The proposed Arizona law not only threatens LGBT people, it threatens 50 years of US civil rights protections that require businesses to serve everyone equally,” .

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