For all Hondurans living in the United States

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For all Hondurans living in the United States, we want to make a call on for an illegal document that has been circulating in recent months in several cities in the United States. This is a illegal consular registration and  has been issued in some consulates in the north American country.  The cities where the consuls are  suspended are in Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and in New York. This document has been used to even enter prisons and visit relatives in the United States.

It was known that in the consulate in Los Angeles the Hondurans arrived to pay up to $50, however, in other cities paid up to $80 by the document that has not been approved by the Government of Honduras. In a statement the President of the Republic, Juan Orlando Hernandez, warned that the document was a forgery and that would take sanctions against staff in the foreign service that was given to the illegality. The eight consuls suspended van to a stage of research and will be replaced by another consular staff.

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