What same-sex couples should know about taxes?

What same-sex couples should know about taxes?

Since 2013, 18 states had legalized same sex marriages.   For the first same-sex couples, they can file Federal Income Tax national wide as “married couple” status.  This is making it possible because the Federal government recognized their legal marital status and regardless whether or not their respective states legalized.

State Income Taxes

However, those same sex married couple won’t be able to file the same in states where same sex marriage is not legalized.  For those who live in states that have not legalized same sex marriage, then they must file separately as either partners or individual.  It all depends on their domicile or claim of residence or employment.

For more accurate information, they should all contact accountants who is familiar with the latest Federal & State Income tax rules and procedures.

IRS has a new policy stating that if you were legally married in any state or foreign country on the last day of 2013, you are married for tax purposes. The IRS does not consider domestic partnerships or civil unions to be marriages.

For more information please contact Law Office of Joseph E. Ching at (504)-525-8810 or you can send an email to jecusa_visa@yahoo.com

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